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Samira bin Sharifu

All Eyes on Baloji

Baloji, whose name means “sorcerer” in Swahili, was born in Congo in 1978. At the age of four, he arrived in Belgium with his father and grew up in Liège. As an adolescent, he discovered Hip Hop, a passion for tagging, rhyme and dance. At fifteen he joined the Starflam Collective, a figurehead of Belgian...More

Kara by We Are Shining

The Guardian: “Morgan and Acyde are the musicians behind We Are Shining, the British duo who’ve been in the studio with Kanye, collaborated with FKA Twigs and specialise in an apocalyptic atmosphere. Their debut, Kara, mangles foreboding vocals with big beats and frantic electric guitar solos, veering between rock, swampy blues, climatic gospel and soul,...More