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A Country Called Earth was conceived in the minds of artists Yasiin Bey and Ferrari Sheppard as a digital platform and brand umbrella for international artists.

The idea for ACCE was jotted on a folded piece of paper that made it’s way onto a coffee table in Casablanca. Bey pulled the paper from his wallet one evening and invited Sheppard to dream with him. “How long has that been in your wallet?” Sheppard teased. “Years,” Bey replied.

Scrawled on the paper was the brand name “A Country Called Earth,” and below that, a list of ideas. “We’ll place our interests in multimedia, food and beverage, apparel, accessories, cosmetics, fragrance, hotels, community development, health and wellness,” the ideas came pouring out.

That night, A County Called Earth was born. It now exists as both a work in progress and dream set in motion.

Passion for artistic expression, job creation, and preservation of humanity are integral parts of what set the company apart from others.

Based in Paris, France, Capetown, Azania (former Republic of South Africa), and Chicago, USA, A Country Called Earth is vertically structured and privately held.


Samira Hamid Sharifu
Ibrahim Attallihi
Bernard Jackson
Zahra Idow