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Listen to Jean Deaux’s New Track “Father Time”

Chicago songstress Jean Deaux made waves last year with her debut album Soular System and now she’s back to float our hearts with her forthcoming sophomore offering Soular System II. The first release from the album is the minimal, atmospheric dance/soul/rap track “Father Time,” posted on Deaux’s Soundcloud. Produced by Tim Suby, “Father Time” alludes to a fractured relationship between Deaux and her father.

“Most would think this is a song about meeting my biological father two times in my life, which is true. But it’s actually a metaphor for life and death, and how I’ve used my intuition to guide me during the time in between,” Deaux told FADER.

Intimate content considered, “Father Time” is a track one can’t only play once, it has to be in heavy rotation.

Listen to “Father Time”:

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