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Yasiin Bey Featured in The World Is My Country Documentary

yassin bey

“The World is My Country”, the forthcoming documentary from director Arthur Kanegis, chronicles the origin and validity of the World Passport, a document issued by the World Service Authority (WSA) in Washington, D.C. An excerpt of the film includes a portion of a 2015 Beats By Dre interview with yasiin bey, in which he expressed profound support for the World Passport. “My country is called Earth,” bey proclaims. “This whole thing belongs to everybody that’s on it.”

Since the improper detainment of yasiin bey by South African authorities (2 days after being prevented to board a flight to Ethiopia to fulfill a performance obligation) after presenting his World Passport in January, clarity, in terms of the validity of the World Passport has been in great demand. The documentary’s director, the WSA, and bey’s attorneys have all been working to shed more light on the matter.

“We’re rushing to release this excerpt from our forthcoming documentary to set the record straight,” said director Arthur Kanegis. “This excerpt shows that the World Passport is a fundamental human rights document that has been issued by the World Service Authority (WSA) in Washington DC for more than 60 years. Visas have been stamped on it by 90% of the world’s nations.”

Watch the 9 minute excerpt of “The World Is My Country”:

In the film, attorney David Gallup, President of WSA, talks about the bey case: “We immediately sent a legal statement to the government through his attorney explaining the legal validity and recognition by the government of South Africa,” Gallup says in the excerpt, “including copies of stamps from the government, the most recent one as you can see on our website here in the last few months.”

The film shows that South Africa has allowed World Passport holders entry into the country at least eleven times within the past few years, according to www.worldserivice.org/visas.html. The site shows copies of visas from 183 countries. “People can apply for World Documents using the forms on www.worldservice.org” Gallup said, “or contact us at 202-638-2662 or info@worldservice.org.”

“We hope that once South African officials see this film, they will not only honor yasiin bey’s World Passport, but also move to the forefront of recognizing this important human rights document,” said director Author Kanegis. “After all, Nelson Mandela himself said, “we are citizens of the world,” and South Africa’s constitution says, ‘everyone has the right to freedom of movement’ and ‘everyone has the right to leave the Republic.’”

Find out more about the film at www.futurewave.org

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