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Narcy – False Flags (Borders Remix)

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After releasing his sophomore album World War Free Now! independently, Narcy is back with a vengeance. Heading an artist collective called¬†The Medium, Narcy pledges his allegiance to Talib Kweli and Niko IS’ Colours of the Culture¬†as well as Yasiin Bey and Ferrari Sheppard’s A Country Called Earth in this remake of M.I.A. ‘Borders’.

Speaking on the epidemic of guns in America, nations involvement in the violence in the Middle East, poisoned water and internationality, the Montreal native speaks on the recent ills of the world. ‘False Flags’ starts his 2016 off with a bang, let’s hope for more from the Iraq-a-fella team.

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  • Pete Mishka

    Great song, but if I may make a correction to ‘epidemic of guns’. It’s a mental health epidemic. A lifeless inanimate object cannot produce an epidemic. However poor education (extremely poor IMO), a lack of basic morals, and thousands of useless psychotropic drugs and mindless (generally hyper violent/sexualized) entertainment will produce an epidemic of unstable people. Especially if the youth of today bear the heavy end of this. If not guns today, it will be the sticks and stones of tomorrow. We should always strike the roots, never the branches.