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Chance The Rapper Talk at Concordia University in Montreal [Podcast]

Chance The Rapper

WeAreTheMedium podcasts focus on narratives that are rarely expressed publicly. Guests are encouraged to share intimate details of their lives, and seeing how family is an innate aspect of all people, WATM’s conversations often center on the familial.

Chance the Rapper’s arrival at Concordia University in Montreal was historic from the start. Not only is Chance one of the most influential stars of his generation, but Concordia’s Hip-Hop Course is the first of its kind in Eastern Canada. The class has grown from 70 students to 240.

When news of Chance’s arrival hit, it eventually packed a room up with 700 students. This was unprecedented for a talk in Montreal. There was an energy about that size of class, the sheer number of young minds was both overwhelming and inspirational. Similar to the success and path of Chancellor Bennet.

Chance is an important figure for this generation. He is honest and genuine in his growth as a man and musician. He has a pure intention that can be seen in his gaze and his voice, and an approach that many of his peers lack. He is fiercely independent and a trailblazer. Just this weekend, he became the first independent musician to rock Saturday Night Live. It seems Chance and his squad are all about breaking the norm, and that is exactly why he was the perfect ending for season 1 of this series. He is an example of how to take an opportunity and water its seeds to grow into a field to feed your family. Because, after all is said and done, nothing really matters, except Family.

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