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Ka x Preservation Release Days with Dr. Yen Lo Album

The group Dr. Yen Lo consists of Ka and Preservation. The album, Days with Dr. Yen Lo, is the second project the MC and Producer have created together (1200 B.C.- 2014), but the first under their new moniker. Both artists have honed their craft for years and are dedicated to creating beautiful pieces of art. Individually, they have proven track records and join together to further uplift the art form and show it the respect it deserves. With insightful lyrics and piercing compositions, their songs are for those who crave substance and creativity in music. Their trailblazing sound is the natural growth of two artists who have lived through every era of hip-hop. Since the beginning, these New York storytellers have remained dedicated to the culture. Drawing on inspiration from the book and film The Manchurian Candidate, the 12-track album places the listener in the cinematic and hypnotic world of the infamous character Dr. Yen Lo.

Ka has independently written, produced, and released three solo albums – The Night’s Gambit (2013), Grief Pedigree (2012), and Iron Works (2012), which have all received critical acclaim. Notably placed at no. 39 between Bob Dylan + Billy Joel, The Village Voice hailed Ka’s Grief Pedigree as one of the 50 Most New York City Albums Ever. Already a veteran as a member of groups Natural Elements and Nightbreed, Ka was reintroduced on Gza’s album Pro Tools with a solo song entitled Firehouse.

Preservation’s 20-plus year career as DJ and producer spans an array of projects and releases – notably Mos Def’s The Ecstatic (2009) & True Magic (2006); Wu-Tang Meets the Indie Culture (2005), and Lord Jamar’s The 5% Album (2005). 2013 saw the release of three impressive additions to Preservation’s discography: Yasiin Bey’s & Preservation’s The REcstatic (a re-envisioning of 2009’s The Ecstatic); Preservation’s solo full-length debut, Old Numbers (Mon Dieu Music), which features Yasiin Bey, Jean Grae, Edo G and more; and SePtember 1200, a 12-track instrumental album inspired by Barry White and produced solely on the classic drum machine, the SP-1200; later leading to the creation of the 1200 B.C. EP.

Now Available on Vinyl LP, CD & Digital
To order Vinyl LP, go to mondieumusic.com
To order CD, go to brownsvilleka.com
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